Release Notes VCI 3.1


Major release implementing search in the Seevia catalog service. The release also contains a few improvements and bug fixes.

Release Date

2 July 2012

New features

[VCI-761] - Seevia search
If the Seevia catalog search is enabled (VCI Settings -> Additional functionality), VCI will automatically initiate a search in the Seevia catalog when the user enters more than three characters in the VCI phonebook search field and present the search result with the Seevia logo.


[VCI-768] - Not possible to press the "Start 3-streams" button twice (VCI Medical only)
The "Start 3-streams" button will now get inactive for a few seconds after it has been pressed to avoid the user "double-clicking" the button.

[VCI-710] - Remove the choice between "Ethernet", "Wireless" and "Wireless+docking" in VCI Settings
This will now be handled automatically by VCI and is thus removed from the VCI settings user interface.

[VCI-770] - Support 4:3 sources in side-by-side layout
VCI will now force the codec to use the full width of the display when showing two 4:3 sources in one display.


 [VCI-777] - Not possible to retrieve source previews if password is empty
The video codecs are now shipped with empty password as default. If the password is empty, VCI did not allow you to retrieve the source previews from the codec. This is fixed in this release.

[VCI-775] - Lync signin failed every second time VCI is restarted
This issue is fixed in this release.



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