This video shows how the VCI Medical solution can be applied in a surgical context. Medical inputs (such as ECG, X-ray, laparoscope etc.) are sent from the operating theatre to a remote expert, a group of students or a congress participating live in the surgery. Our solution also enables the surgery to be recorded and stored to a archive for documentation or training purposes.


VCI 2.0 came with a new hardware option - the VCiPad. A 12 inch Wireless pad which allows full control of the Cisco C-series codecs. The VCI 2.0 release also introduced the new Customization Framework which allows VCI to be tailored to fit virtually any customer need.


This video demonstrates how VCI automatically detects when an input source (like a PC or iPad) is connected to the video conferencing systems, and gives a visual representation of the connected device through a snapshot of the incoming media. The VCI touch panel provides source preview on all of Cisco's C-series codecs. 

This video shows how VCI utilizes the powerful video compositing features in the C60 and C90 codecs.


VCI Customization framework opens a whole world of possibilities. We can now create plug-ins on-demand for the VCI panels to suit your needs. The survey plug-in is a very popular one, that allows video administrators to gather user information directly via the VCI panels when meetings are finished.

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