Customizing VCI

VCI comes with a powerful customization framework which means that VCI can be customized to suit virtually any customer need.

We are continously developing new plug-ins and functionality based on this framework, such as user surveys, projector libraries, graphical user interfaces etc., please refer to the Plug-Ins menu item for more information about the existing plug-ins.

If your customer has a need for customization, please contact us and we will find the best solution together with the customer and you as a partner.


What can be customized?

All functionality and behaviour in VCI can be customized to your liking. The customization framework can make amendments in the graphical user interface (see example below), hook onto events from the codec in certain ways (e.g. a red lightbulb outside the room when the system is in call) or preconfigure what to be shown on which display when a motion detector detects that people are coming into the room.

Example of customized welcome screen and a tailored user interface for the 'Emergency' scenario:

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