Release Notes VCI 2.0.1

  VCI 2.0.1

Maintenance release addressing a security change between TC4.1 and TC4.2. A few new features and some bugfixes are also included.

Release Date
29 August 2011

New features

[VCI-621] - Search delay for large phonebooks
For large phonebooks (i.e. more than 1000 entries), it is recommended that the customized setting 'DelayPhonebookSearch' is defined. This setting causes VCI to wait for X milliseconds from the last character is clicked before it searches the phonebook for the specified search criterion. Default behavior is to search immediately after each character is entered in the search box. This new setting radically improves the user experience for systems with large phonebooks.

[VCI-619] - A new and more user-friendly GUI is now a part of the VCI-installation.
This GUI only supports the 12" pad and the 15.6" hardware types. The GUI can be activated from the tab "Customized Settings" in the VCI settings.


[VCI-618] - Security changes from TC4.1 to TC4.2 causes VCI communication with the codec to restart all the time (makes VCI slow and irresponsive)
[VCI-617] - Remove password expiry for embedded operating system on the 12" pad 

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