Release Notes VCI 2.0

 VCI 2.0

Main release containing a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes. A new hardware, a 12 " wireless pad is also introduced with this new release.

Release Date
6 June 2011

VCI goes wireless
With the 2.0 release, a 12" wireless pad has joined the VCI hardware portf
olio. The pad comes with a high quality 16:9 format capacitive touch display which can easily be passed around the table without being hindered by cables. 

Customize VCI for virtually any need
With the introduction of VCI Customization Framework, VCI can customized to meet virtually any customer need. Customizations might be anything from GUI adjustments and user surveys to advanced amendment in functionality, e.g.combining immersive and multipurpose Telepresence solutions.

Extended support functionality
For OCS enabled VCI panels, the support personnel will now be able to see the VCI panel display through VCI System Manager. This makes it easy to help users to performing successful meeting.

Microsoft Exchange integration for bookings
VCI is now integrated with Microsoft Exchange bookings. This means that VCI displays booking information from Exchange, and let users to book meetings ad-hoc from VCI. VCI now integrates with bookings from both Exchange and TMS.

Enhanced triple stream VCI
The VCI triple stream (named VCI Medical) has now been enhanced to also cover non-health related scenarios. VCI is capable of sending up to five sources in three - and even four - video streams that will be shown on three (four) displays both locally and on the remote site. The triple stream functionality is now also available 'offline', i.e. without having any active calls (can be used for local training sessions, health board meetings etc.)

Recording triple stream
For VCI Medical all three streams may now be recorded at the same time using Cisco Telepresence Content Server (TCS).

Larger and more user-friendly phonebook
The phonebook has become taller, which improves the user experience. In addition, favourites are now merged with the rest of the phonebook which makes the graphical user interface more intuitive.

Accelerated scrolling
The phonebook, call history and all other lists now support accelerated scrolling (similar to smart phones and tablets).

Design-makeover of the welcome screen (fully customizable)
The welcome screen has been refurbished and gives a modern and fresh impression. The welcome screen design is fully customizable to meet customers' requirements of using the company's graphical profile. The default background image being used (which can be altered with company's logo etc.) can be downloaded 

Larger OCS window
The embedded OCS client has now been enlarged and is only shown when an OCS call is active. Thus unnecessary graphical elements are kept to a minimum.

Time zone support
VCI now has time zone support for all time zones around the globe.

Change password
The password required to enter the settings screen may now be changed to comply with company security policy.

Important note
Any customized logo on the welcome screen will be removed during the upgrade if the resolution is too low, since the logo now covers the entire screen. If you wish a custom welcome screen you may either create a background image from scratch or base it on the default image that can be downloaded from


[VCI-271] - Correct booking times according to regional settings (time zone)
[VCI-296] - VCI Medical: reduce time delay between call 2 and call 3
[VCI-303] - Click sounds when typing on the keyboard
[VCI-318] - Remove confirmation prompt when aborting a connecting call
[VCI-382] - Support for GPIO events
[VCI-386] - Installation: Improved installation procedure (lots of sub-tickets making the installation procedure more intuitive)
[VCI-400] - Expand phonebook with favourites
[VCI-404] - Support click on sources for start presentation
[VCI-406] - Possible to hide a specified input with the customized setting 'HideInput'
[VCI-410] - AutoDeleteCallHistory: omit question without deleting call history (customized setting)
[VCI-415] - Presentation stop if no sync for one minute (will turn off presentation automatically if the user just unplugs the presentation device - e.g. his/her laptop - without stopping the presentation manually)
[VCI-439] - Categorize and sort customized settings
[VCI-444] - Static layout for snapshots (makes it possible to assign a predefined image to the available sources)
[VCI-447] - Support for new SSH server on the codec from TC4.1
[VCI-471] - Possbility to change order of VCI Medical-screens by setting MainDisplayIndex (customized setting)
[VCI-574] - List active calls in "end conference dialog"


[VCI-301] - OCS test button does not work
[VCI-338] - Live service stops when the maximum number of feedback expressions have been reaced
[VCI-390] - VCI fails to start up if faulty address to VCI System Manager is provided
[VCI-414] - Number of participants in advanced video layout
[VCI-448] - Flickering and hang when ending conference
[VCI-456] - Settings form sometimes underneath welcome form
[VCI-459] - VCI thinks it has connection with the codec before it really has during codec startup state
[VCI-470] - Verify that layout commands are run after network drop
[VCI-495] - StartUpTime and Version registry settings are overwritten by System Manager
[VCI-523] - TMS Booking; get SystemId based on h323 primary and e164 alias if h323 does not exist
[VCI-526] - TMS Booking: Incorrect timezone
[VCI-535] - OCS: Current OCS call is not disconnected when ending conference
[VCI-556] - Advanced Video Layout - general improvements

Known weaknesses

[VCI-572] - AVL is shown for C40 (due to limitations in the codec software - can not read codec type from C20 and C40 codecs)
[VCI-570] - Support special characters in phonebook, call history, call status etc.
[VCI-374] - VCI in invalid state if started at the same time as codec
[VCI-367] - AVL: Not triggering recalculation in 3/4 display configuration
[VCI-352] - Unassign layouts in 3 and 4 display configuration (The 3 and 4 display configuration contains specific functionality for overriding the codec configuration. This means that the standard remote control will not work as intended for these configurations)
[VCI-323] - Not possible to tab from field to field in the new settings form
[VCI-155] - Call status becomes incorrect if ethernet is lost during an OCS call (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-114] - Audio level bar is does not reflect initial value correctly


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