Release Notes VCI 1.2

VCI 1.2.0

Main release containing a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes.

Release Date
19 October 2010
New Features

New Language Packs [VCI-336]
VCI now supports the following languages:

  • Danish
  • English
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Support for 3 and 4 displays [VCI-272]
Support for 3 and 4 displays has been implemented in a user-friendly and intuitive way in VCI 1.2.0.

Video Tutorials [VCI-135]
Users can now easily access video tutorials from the welcome screen and while in conference. The video tutorials present different functionality in an user-friendly and informative way - makes VCI even easier to use!

Camera View as camera control [VCI-349]
Customers now have the possibility to replace the the image representation of the room layout with live camera stream. This means that the actual video from the main camera is shown in the VCI panel. The users can control the camera by clicking the video panel - a perfect alternative for customers that need the extra touch!

New, more user-friendly and streamlined settings form [VCI-278]
The settings form has gotten a complete make-over and makes the installation/maintenance process more streamlined.

[VCI-321] - Volume can be adjusted by clicking on the speaker icons
[VCI-319] - Extend display swap functionality: possible to swap with empty display
[VCI-316] - Possibility to define the primary screen to be located at the correct display in VCI (3 and 4 displays)

[VCI-364] - OCS: if codec enters standby while in OCS call, the OCS call is disconnected
[VCI-363] - MED: Audio feedback while connecting an MR-call (VCI Medical only)
[VCI-346] - Do not validate IP settings when choosing DHCP in network settings
[VCI-338] - Live service stops when the maximum number of feedback expressions have been reached
[VCI-333] - Keyboard sometimes appear when a call is connected
[VCI-327] - Stabilize snapshot functionality
[VCI-313] - Overlapping panels in manual camera control when multiple cameras are enabled on the codec
[VCI-304] - OCS: Open welcome form when OCS call ends
[VCI-252] - downgrade does not update version number

Known weaknesses
[VCI-365] - OCS: "Test connection" doesn't always work (Workaround: save settings even though no confirmation is given when testing the OCS connection, restart VCI, try the "Test Connection" button again)
[VCI-352] - Unassign layouts in 3 and 4 display configuration (The 3 and 4 display configuration contains specific functionality for overriding the codec configuration. This means that the standard remote control will not work as intended for these configurations)
[VCI-323] - Not possible to tab from field to field in the new settings form
[VCI-224] - VCI does not allow time and regional settings to be set via VCI
[VCI-155] - Call status becomes incorrect if ethernet is lost during an OCS call (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-114] - Audio level bar is does not reflect initial value correctly

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