Release Notes VCI 1.1


VCI 1.1.1

Minor release containing a fix for VCI Medical.
Release Date:
7 September 2010
A timing issue that potentially could cause that the PAX sources did not get sent to the participant.  



VCI 1.1.0

Main release containing a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes.
Release Date:
30 June 2010
New Features:

List today's bookings on the VCI Welcome screen
VCI will list today's bookings for this system/room on the VCI Welcome screen.
The bookings are pulled from TMS, and VCI must therefore be configured with
a service account that has the sufficient permissions in TMS to list meetings for
this system.
Book meetings from the VCI Welcome screen
You can now book the meeting room directly from VCI. The meeting will be booked
in TMS, and be visible in any systems TMS is integrated with (e.g. Exchange).
* This feature requires a license in TMS; both the Exchange integration, the Domino
integration or the API integration license will work. A trial license can be provided
by TANDBERG if desired.
Advanced Video Layout
VCI now lets you design the layout of the image displayed locally and remote; on both
the main stream and the dual stream. Simply select the screen, the layout template
and drag the sources and participants into the quadrants, and let the TANDBERG
system do the rest.
* This feature requires C90 or C60 running TC3.0 or later.
Static IP address
You can now configure the VCI with a static IP address directly from the VCI settings
page. The feature also let you configure a proxy server for accessing the upgrade
service, if needed.

Language pack for Finnish language
The entire user VCI interface is now available in the Finnish language.
VCI now supports English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.
OCS presence status
VCI will now display the presence status of the users both in your
contact list and in your searches.
* This feature require a change in the Operating System, and a
manual upgrade with a USB memory stick is required to get this
feature. Please follow this procedure to upgrade your VCI panel:
OCS Call History
Calls made to directly from the VCI panel (private calls) are now
recorded in the Call History list. These calls will be flagged with the
OCS logo. The entries are deleted when a VCI session is ended.

VCI Medical:
Possibility to send other sources in three stream solution
You can now choose which sources should be shown on which
displays. Simply drag and drop the sources to the appropriate
displays during the three stream calls and the will be displayed

[VCI-36] - User notification on mic mute
[VCI-64] - Inform user on call error (eg. if the number of allowed concurrent calls has been exceeded)
[VCI-92] - More default room layouts (10 layouts)
[VCI-107] - Possibility to export error logs to memory stick
[VCI-152] - Handle that capture device is disconnected
[VCI-162] - Better scroll handling in lists
[VCI-169] - Set OCS room user to "Busy" on "prepare new conference" (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-188] - Source connected/disconnected user notification
[VCI-193] - Improved performance on phonebook filtering
[VCI-197] - Version History Overview
[VCI-206] - Changes to OCS control (red frame if not connected) (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-210] - Replace OK button with progress bar if no network on startup
[VCI-211] - Center align text on message box buttons
[VCI-215] - Reduce http timeout when trying to upgrade without connection to Internet
[VCI-225] - Implemented scrolling in Active Calls list
[VCI-231] - Create warning on required customized settings (VCI Medical only)
[VCI-237] - Codec command queue improvements
[VCI-248] - Improve far end camera control
[VCI-249] - Make disconnect call more obvious
[VCI-250] - Call support from the VC system if OCS is unregistered (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-251] - Clean up SSH connections/user sessions after network drop
[VCI-262] - Alert symbol in the VCI panel if self diagnostics fails
[VCI-263] - Enable menu if grab event received from the standard remote control
[VCI-265] - Phonebook search sorting - merging phonebook result and OCS search result (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-267] - System sip URI and alias to be shown to the user
[VCI-234] - Only allowed to call IP addresses when not registered to gatekeeper

[VCI-58] - Handle layout assign better
[VCI-156] - The OCS logo is not always inserted into the frame after disconnect (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-208] - Expand width of welcome message
[VCI-219] - General GUI Improvements
[VCI-223] - Difficult to scroll to the top of the phonebook list
[VCI-230] - Welcome screen is topmost when message from TMS is displayed.
[VCI-235] - Main display is not updated when dual stream (other display) is in use
[VCI-236] - End conference while calling leaves status notification open
[VCI-242] - VCI does not leave welcome screen when accepting incoming OCS call
[VCI-244] - Source error in one-display-solution on call status changed
[VCI-247] - Selfview button does not show the correct state
[VCI-256] - Sources are not updated in AVL when plugged/unplugged
[VCI-258] - Design updates
[VCI-259] - User notification shows wrong name when Recording Service/Support has been disconnected
[VCI-264] - OCS call incoming alert stays open on call abort (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-274] - MaintenanceTask makes MR calls flicker (VCI Medical only)
[VCI-276] - OCS call is not disconnected automatically when ending the conference (VCI OCS only)

Known weaknesses
[VCI-270] - Problems with capture device may cause out of memory problems
[VCI-155] - Call status becomes incorrect if ethernet is lost during an OCS call (VCI OCS only)
[VCI-252] - downgrade does not update version number
[VCI-224] - VCI does not allow time and regional settings to be set via VCI
[VCI-233] - First incoming OCS call after VCI restart may not have any outgoing audio (only on 19" edition) 


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