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VCI Standard is a standardized control panel with focus on maximizing the features of the Cisco video conferencing systems, while making it easy to use and manage.

VCI Standard is a new and unique control panel with touch interface. It is a standardized system with focus on maximizing the features of the Cisco video conferencing systems. The fact that it is standardized makes it a low cost product; both in the purchase phase, installation phase and maintenance phase. This gives a uniquely low total cost of ownership.


Each VCI control panel can be configured, monitored and upgraded through a central management interface; reducing the management cost and giving the organization an early warning system to detect potential problems in meeting rooms before the users see them.



Source control:

The  Cisco C90 supports up to five active simultaneous physical inputs connected to the system. These can be sources like Camera 1, Camera 2, PC, DVD, Smart Board, Document camera etc.

Having control of what’s currently connected, and on which input can be hard, and choosing where they should be displayed even harder. The VCI control panel gives the users live preview of what’s currently sent from the sources before they are dragged into the conference. And through the touch monitor lets you use drag and drop to choose which sources should be presented on which screens.


Adjusting the camera has never been easier:

One of the main goals with visual communication is to be able to see the facial expressions of people in the conference. This can only be obtained if you can see their faces, but moving the camera can normally be a tedious and difficult task. But not with VCI.

A quadrant of the panel will show you a layout of the room, and the users can simply touch the location in the image they want the camera to focus on. The camera will through an advanced algorithm instantly pan, tilt and zoom in to that location, making camera control quick and accurate.


Live support:

The user contact helpdesk through one click on the panel. The support person will instantly see which room is calling and can use this information to do troubleshooting in the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite. Potential audio and video issues will also be visible to the support person since he/she will be added to the conference running on the Cisco system.


Making a call:

The users can choose between calling favorites, scrolling through or searching the TMS provided multi-level phonebook, or simply inserting the number/URI via an on-screen qwerty-touch-keyboard.



VCI makes it easy to record sessions via the Cisco video conference system. The panel has a dedicated button that will start and stop recording of a conference at any time. You can even walk into the room, sit down and create your personal statement by one touch at the VCI panel.

Controlling Peripheral Devices:
Utilizing the general purpose I/O ports on the C-series codec, VCI is able to control different types of peripheral devices. A typical scenario is to turn off lightning or closing the curtains when a presentation is about to begin, or switching on the projector and rolling out the projector screen when starting a new video conference. VCI's peripheral device controlling is highly customizable and may be tailored for the customer's convenience .

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