VCI Latest News

 We are happy to announce the following great news.


New hardware (pad)

VCI will shortly be available on a 12” pad (similar to iPad, but with a somewhat larger screen). This hardware will enable wireless use of VCI.

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New operating system

The pad will be delivered with a faster, dedicated operating system.

VCI Medical

With VCI 1.3 our telemedicine solution, VCI Medical, enables sending and recording up to five input sources in three HD (1080p@30fps) video streams. Please refer to our YouTube-video for more information:


VCI Customization Framework (VCICF)

The VCI 1.3 release (to be released in March 2011) will vastly expand the dimensions of VCI. VCICF enables customization of VCI via a dedicated application programmer’s interface (API). This framework allows for adding new functionality, change existing functionality or customize the graphical user interface.

Add-ins, alternative graphical interfaces etc. will be easily available through the “VCI Store” (usually included in the license cost). Please also note that VCI will be delivered with an optional new, more user-friendly GUI in 1.3.

This customization framework will allow VCI and our partners to offer tailor made and even better solutions to the customer.

Below, we have assembled four showcases utilizing the VCI Customization Framework together with VCI 1.3. 


Showcase 1: Import content from Internet or Intranet into VCI

We have received feedback from partners and customers that would like to import external content into VCI. This showcase demonstrates that VCI is providing more information about a person when selecting him or her in the phonebook and clicking an information icon next to the phonebook row. In this showcase we have chosen to show information about the person, the person’s calendar (Exchange integration) and the person’s LinkedIn profile. This functionality may be adopted to show literally any external content accessible from the VCI client.



Showcase 2: Surveys and statistics

Lots of customers wish to track return on investment, e.g. the savings of running video conference meetings as opposed to travelling. This may be implemented in VCI as a user survey that will pop up when the conference is ended. The response will be posted to a web service. The survey could have sufficient intelligence to link the next question to the previous response, thereby making it more interesting to the person being surveyed. Statistics can be generated using our web-based TMS report engine or other report engines.



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Showcase 3: Controlling peripheral devices

Utilizing the four GPIO ports on the C-series codec, it is possible to control peripheral devices such as curtains, lightning etc. – triggered by events in VCI. E.g. close the curtains when a new video conference is started, or light a sign when the microphone is muted.


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Showcase 4: Integration with other control systems

VCI will allow for integration with for instance Crestron or AMX control systems. This means that already existing setups can utilize the rich functionality in VCI, e.g. the unique telemedicine functionality.

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