VCI 3.7 released

VCI 3.7 is a main release containing improvements and bugfixes. This version also addresses changes in the SSH communication module in the Cisco TC software introduced in TC7.3.4. VCI versions earlier that this version are not compatible with TC7.3.4 and later.

Release Date
3 November 2015

The download can either be done using the VCI Upgrade Service directly from the panel or by downloading it from here (73 MB).

Support for remote controlling multiple codecs
VCI can now be used for controlling multiple codecs. Codecs to control are added into dedicated groups in Seevia.

General improvements
[VCI-827] - Possible to configure all text in VCI
[VCI-830] - Warning if codec software is not supported
[VCI-824] - Advanced Video Layout for SX80 enabled
[VCI-823] - Increased speed for pan/tilt/zoom
[VCI-819] - Custom camera speed for pan/tilt/zoom
[VCI-818] - Turned off warning message about no control panel for SX80
[VCI-816] - Now possible to differentiate between startup commands for the action 'Start Video Conference' and the action 'Start Local Presentation'
[VCI-817] - Support for SString for VCI Medical calls

[VCI-831] - Keep selected camera
[VCI-829] - VCI crashed when clicking CAPS on the new hardware

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