Norwegian Minister of Health praises the VCI/Cisco Medical Solution

Norwegian Minister of Health, Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen visited Gjøvik Hospital. She was received by CEO Morten Lang-Ree, Chairman Bente H. Meidell and division director Rasmus Vigrestad.

They demonstrated how multidiciplinary conferences between the hospitals in Tynset and Gjøvik work. The Minister attended a two-way communication that worked flawlessly. - This is the best transfer I've seen, and I have seen many, she said.

The hospital in Tynset started to offer MRI examinations last year, with the radiology department at Gjøvik as responsible. So far this year there have been conducted 1000 examinations, and the goal is to conduct between 1200 and 1300.

From Tynset Dr. Viggo Blomlie told that there have been many examples where patients have had a far quicker and better treatment than if they would have to drive to the nearest MRI facilities in Trondheim or Elverum.

Read an article on the hospital's web sites here (Norwegian): (PDF-generated: Norwegian or English (translated by Google Translate.))



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