Hospitals communicate across country borders - politicians impressed!

Hospitals in Sweden and Norway demonstrated the power in telemedicine across country borders for some of Sweden's top politicians today. The cases presented were:

1. High quality videos of a heart beating and a computergenerated cross section of the heart using contrast liquid

2. Patient case where the patient had internal bleedings and a serious back injury. Content from the PACS systems were shared between the radiologist in Norway and the audience in Sweden

The politicians were very impressed by the VCI Medical technology, and clearly expressed that this was revolutionary in the way it could improve efficiency within the health sector. Some also stated it was a milestone in the use of video conferencing technology within the Swedish health sector.

Read an article on the hospital's web sites here (Swedish): (PDF-generated: Swedish or English (translated by Google Translate.))

The picture above shows the configuration from the Swedish hospital, where the doctor's performed a local multidiciplinary meeting to discuss patient cases. (This picture is taken in the same room that the demonstration was held, but not from the actual demonstration.)

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